Social Enterprise


In our work, we have prioritised four of UNs global SDGs.

Supporting the SDGs, making an impact

In its work with social entrepreneurship, the Shop Accra has prioritised four of the global SDGs, namely:

• Goal 1. No poverty – giving people a chance to prosper and live a productive life
• Goal 5. Gender equality – eradicating prejudice and working for equal rights and respect for all
• Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth – promoting job creation, allowing people to benefit from entrepreneurship and ensuring sustainable growth
• Goal 10. Reduced inequalities – allowing all people to be self-sufficient and to flourish so that the world can prosper



We know that to address these goals, you have to take action. That’s why we work with local entrepreneurs and artisans worldwide so that they can engage in commerce, which in turn creates prosperity and benefits their lives.



The Shop Accra is a rich, diverse space catering to the physical, emotional, wellness, entertainment and financial needs of its users. The following are a list of services we render to our community: 

  1. The Retail Space/Market Place: This is the first point of interaction that most people have with The Shop Accra. This space provides an avenue for African creatives to showcase and sell their products to a large pool of potential buyers. With about 300 brands of goods stocked up,  products ranging from bespoke and upcycle furniture to woven baskets, straw bags, mats, steel stools, organically produced shea butter products, body and hair oils, black soaps, moisturizers, clothing, accessories and books can be found within this space.

Our products, which can be trusted, remind us of who we are and where we can be. We are African and proudly so!

  1. The Helping Hand: In the spirit of community, The Shop Accra lends a helping hand to struggling artists by supporting their crafts towards growth and profitability. For many, this support comes in the form of providing brand awareness via the retail space, educating and training on the need for quality control, inter-linking and connecting artists with graphic designers and other useful resource persons, providing an audience to showcase varied talents and crafts and even providing financial support where necessary.

We also offer our space to artists who need a suitable venue to work and come up with inspiring art for the public to behold. Workshops are also organized for the artists and sometimes on their behalf, to help in the refining of their skills and to provide inspiration where it is needed.

Because we aim to provide value to those who need it the most within this space, this project is a daily reminder of what The Shop truly stands for. 

  1. The Event Space: The Shop Accra understands the need for visibility, accessibility, the right ambience and setting for your special occasions. That is why its space is available for rent to serve and support its community. You’re most welcome to use the space for your photo and video shoots, exclusive meetings, parties and other social and business interactions. 
  1. The Pulling Service: Do you have an event coming up? Does your set up have all it needs to steal the show? Well, our pulling service might just give you the finished look you dared to dream of! Walk into The Shop Accra and breathe free because we have a special section of our very own items to cater to your every need! Rent out anything from fashion props through books to decorative pieces that beautify your space’s interior and contribute to expanding the opportunities of the talented creatives in our space.

5. Senses: This is a soul-soothing intimate session that allows musical talents to share their expression of art to a live audience. Therefore, if you have an appreciation for good acoustic music and would like to have close interactions with the likes of M.anifest, Trigmatic, Pappy Kojo and Biqo, keep your eyes glued to for our event schedules. Make sure to also follow us @senses_live on Instagram. You are assured of a musically satisfying evening that pacifies your inner goddess.

  1. The Saloon: There is no beauty but the beauty of action. (Moroccan Proverb)
    At The Shop Accra, our action is our commitment to always making our clients look and feel beautiful!

So, is your desire to look good on the outside and feel relaxed on the inside? What would you give for that relaxing massage, pedicure or manicure? Does your man need a good ol’ shave or does he need help to grow that beard? What does it mean to you to have your natural hair expertly yet affordably done? Whatever your natural beauty or stress-relief need is, you can trust The Saloon to get you coming back for more.

  1. Take Away: Take Away is the name of the community’s favourite fast, healthy and affordable food joint. It is the famous kiosk that is sure to supply you with freshly made nutritious meals and possibly end you up making a friend or two!
  1. The Outlet: This is the recycling corner of The Shop. Anyone with old items – clothes, shoes, bags, toys, containers, bottles – are free to bring them in. These items are sorted out, washed and cleaned up, mended where necessary and created into newer and more useful items which are sold to the community at great prices! One of the best things about The Outlet is that the more value a recyclable item that is brought in is, the greater the returns to the one who brought it in! Who doesn’t love a good win? Another thing done at The Outlet is what we call the recycle-barter. We allow a value-for-value exchange of items you bring in with items we have in stock. We may not, and are not necessarily trying to solve the waste problem situation in Ghana but we are confident that by converting the waste products of our community into reusable material we are contributing to a less polluted environment and a decrease in landfill waste. We encourage as many people as possible to join the recycle bandwagon wherever they find themselves. After all, we are responsible for how friendly our environment turns out to be in the long run.
  1. The Accra Cycle: When was the last time you sat on a bicycle or made time to appreciate your city from the eyes of a tourist? Have you thought to wonder why certain places have so much attention drawn to them when in your mind’s eye they are “just places”? At The Shop Accra, we encourage locals and foreigners alike to see and appreciate the beauty of the places we call “home”! We allow interested like-minded persons to mingle and learn from one other while giving their bodies the well-deserved exercise it requires. Our schedules are posted on our website ( and when you follow us @accracycles on Instagram, you’ll get first-hand information about what we’re up to. Plan with us! We’ll be expecting you!
  1. The Shopstaurant: Food really does taste better when you eat it with friends! With a minimum party of 10 people, The Shop Accra welcomes you to join our buffet-style meal times to experience the taste of Ghana in its authenticity. Win the Jollof war by ordering and experiencing Ghana’s Jollof made in the very heart of its capital city! Savour the amazing taste of Ghana’s famous kelewele and quench your thirst with our nutritiously popular hibiscus drink, Bissap. Ghanaian or foreigner, whether you are new in Accra or not, we make sure that you go away with the taste of our rich Ghanaian foods lingering in your mouth.  For our full menu of exciting Ghanaian dishes, please visit us.
  1. The Bar: What is a good time without drinks? The Bar provides a wide range of amazing non-alcoholic drinks and café-style beverages to all users of The Shop. What’s even better are the free complimentary drinks for those who rent out our space for events! Your palm wine, bissap, hot or iced teas, coffee, healthy smoothies and juices are all made with expertise and love. Join us for a drink sometime, would you?
  1. The Tour Experience: Home, they say, is where the love is. That is why we continually call out to everyone to “Bra Fie” (come home) to experience love and rest in a new and refreshing way. We understand that everyone needs a break sometimes and what better way to have one than to relax with some friends or family members on some of the finest shores of Ghana! We Take You to the Beach! When you register with us, the burden of planning and making arrangements for transportation is lifted off of you. Not only do you have the ultimate experience of the sand beneath your feet and the cool salty waters, but you also get to meet people from all over the world who may be experiencing Ghana for the first time or like you are trying to get that much-needed break from life’s daily hustles. You can be assured of having delightful and sometimes intriguing conversations with people of great personalities and different cultures. Take Me to the Beach/Bra Fie is for every beach lover out there! Would you be on the next bus? Register now!
  1. The Osu Book Club: My (Ghanaian) people have a saying: If the elders leave you a legacy of dignified language, you do not abandon it and speak a childish language. To us, language is more than a mode of verbal communication. It is the total expression of our growth, our heritage and our substance. A primary source of our dignity is how we acquire our knowledge. We choose to read!

The Shop Accra, from its inception, has believed in the growth of its people. Therefore, to keep our people and culture alive, the Osu Book Club, in partnership with Ghana Must Read (, has made books and the reading of them accessible and easy for all. Hosting this event solves the problem of not knowing what to read, not having the right books to read, not knowing where to find the books you want to read and not having the motivation to read.

Therefore, once in every month, Ghana Must Read assigns a book to the members of the club when they meet at The Shop. Afterwards, the book is read and discussed.

Perhaps, when you read you identify interesting tones, are intrigued by the writer’s style, learn a lesson or two or simply have enjoyable reads. If any of these attributes describe you, The Osu Book Club will be the perfect place to live those thousand lives that books offer with people who enjoy reading the same way you do! We encourage all people to read books and buy books. Yes, we sell too!

  1. The Shop Talk: Do you have ear-worthy opinions about what’s going on around the globe? Are you satisfied with the political, social and even religious narratives of our country? In what ways is Ghana’s education system failing or succeeding? With the current land situation in Ghana, will the next two generations be able to purchase land to build their own homes? Is there hope for our children’s children? From politics through sex, The Shop Talk, hosted by The Shop Accra and organized by Sky Byrrd ( & @skybyyrd_gh on Instagram), provides a safe space to discuss matters of need. Our discussions are not the endpoint of our talk sessions. We actively note action points which provide tools for the individuals in the conversation to make the “small” but necessary changes in their homes, workplaces, religious groups or with themselves. 
  1. The Mud-Cloth Line: The Mud-Cloth or Bògòlanfini or bogolan is an authentic African lifestyle cloth which has no foreign inputs whatsoever. It is a handmade Malian fabric which is traditionally dyed with fermented mud. Although it has an important place in Malian traditional culture, it is proudly made by African women only and has found a home in each cardinal point of the continent. The mud cloth in The Shop is the base material used in interior decoration – as upholstery and covers of decorative pieces, to make dresses, jackets, bags, table runners, book covers and even shoes! We also have in stock the unsewn fabric for those who want the fabric in its whole form to give away as a gift, to keep or to make into whatever creative piece they so desire.
  1. The Wood Hub: Did you know that the Shop Accra has a special liking for wood? Why wouldn’t we? Wood is one of the most beautiful and most versatile of all the materials that humans have ever created art and functionality with! That is why we search for and collect vintage wooden furniture from the lengths and breadths of Ghana and give our customers the benefit of owning the very best of wooden furniture they could possibly find!  We also refurbish old wooden products and turn them into stunning beauties. Your kitchen stools, living, dining, porch, front and backyard furniture are readily available for sale at very affordable prices. Visit our hub the next time you are in the capital and give your work or living space the wooden quality it deserves!
  1. Plantasia Gh: Most people are aware of the amazing benefits of having plants around us. From purifying our air, helping us breathe easier, simply beautifying our environment to even sharpening our focus, we admit that the existence of plants is part of the reasons humans are still in existence. That is why this service so important to us. Plantasia Gh explores the incorporation of having plants in a person’s daily life. Be it your office, living area or backyard, we educate and encourage all persons to know and go in for the appropriate plants and to take care of them with the love that is needed for them to grow and take care of us in return. For a conversation on the right kind of plants to have indoors, to know what plants could potentially be a threat or blessing to your kids and other family members, to understand which watering methods and what soil types are best for your plants of choice etc, please contact us via the contacts on the contact page and we’ll be sure to answer your questions and add a professional touch to your ideas for your living, lounging and working spaces. 

“The wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

- Proverbs 

Since we’re not in the business of tearing down our own home, we are glad to announce that we’ve grown! Our vision and value of growth are evident in The Shop Accra- Lagos and The Shop Accra-Abidjan!  We did say we’re working towards being at the forefront of Africa’s Orange Economy, didn’t we?

Anyone who has walked into our premises in Osu can attest to the distinct feel of home and culture that The Shop Accra gives. In Lagos and Abidjan, therefore, we have made Accra feel at home in her sister cities. She provides the same feel in Accra as she does in her new homes and still thrives on creativity, diversity, unity and trust! Her formed partnerships also go all out to make the African creative’s life so much better!

In Abidjan, our partners have proven like-mindedness that continually awes us. Have you been to the Bushman Café? Well, you most certainly should! The place is proudly black-owned and has accurately been described as exceptional! It is also said to be “a real melting pot of African culture.” In Lagos, the Bogobiri House is, in their own words, “much more than a boutique hotel in Lagos.” Our partnership strengthens the goal of being “a hub for the promotion and appreciation of art, music and local knowledge.” Because we are keen on building and maintaining the bond of “community”, The Shop Accra-Lagos and The Shop Accra-Abidjan make sure that no one is left behind. To have a greater appreciation of who we are in Lagos and Abidjan, follow us on Instagram @theshopaccralagos and @theshopaccraabidjan. Your next trip to Nigeria or La Cote D’Ivoire may be sooner than you imagined!



How often have you gone into a place of service and walked out disappointed? I have too and it’s a terrible feeling. Here at The Shop Accra we take organization very seriously and take every pain to know our customers, our stockers and our staff. We believe in the value of human relationships and make sure that our best is being offered using the best of our abilities.  You can trust us to deliver exactly when we say we would and we stick to our promises. 

When it comes to our products, the customer experience is all that matters. Word has it that our creative artists have found a way to make the users of our products feel as though the product was made with them in mind. The truth is that a lot of thoughtfulness goes into the making of our products to serve the needs of the variety of customers we have as well as the potential customers we aim to attract. 

We also understand that purchasing powers differ from person to person. That is why we make sure to provide quality branded products with price ranges that suit the different pocket sizes and needs. We ensure that the lower-priced items still provide the benefits you seek to derive from them despite its cost. Because we believe in community, we make sure that everybody gets to have a piece of the pie.

To that creative artist that is looking for a place to grow, be seen and to call home, you’d be pleased to know that with us, nothing is “too local”. Before The Shop Accra came into being, many of our products were turned away by other Ghanaian shops because they looked down on the very things that make us who we are. We don’t discriminate; we embrace and we embolden. Where we think that your product could be presented in a better way, we offer training programs and connect you to the right resource persons. We are always happy to see our creatives grow and develop in their art.

This leads us to our obvious love for partnerships. We understand our limitations so well that we would never choose to serve our valued customers anything other than the best by trying to do what we know we obviously cannot by ourselves. With a wide and reliable network of organizations that believe in our dream, we always make sure that our services are delivered in the best ways possible! Be it books, beaches or the best performers, you can trust us for a good time! 

Finally, we would like to put it out there that we are located in the very heart of the capital city of Ghana and the number 1 ranking town for its fun night-life – Osu! Why would you go anywhere else?

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Afterall, when we cross the river in a crowd no crocodile can eat us.

(African Proverb) 

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