About Us – The Shop Accra

About Us

The Shop Accra has been in existence since 2014, operating within the Ako-Adjei area in the heart of osu.

The Shop Accra basically is a creative hub for Artificers/Creatives to showcase & sell their works. We work with over 200 brands with various artistries ranging from bespoke and upcycle Furniture to Woven Baskets, Straw bags, Mats, Steel Stools, to organically produced Shea Butter products; Oils, Black Soaps, Moisturizers, Clothing & Accessories and books etc.

The Shop Accra aims to create a Conscious Community to promote each Creative’s work by giving them the platform to exhibit.

The Shop Accra also has an organic bar which serves healthy foods and beverages in its backspace which also hosts private dinners & Senses Friday, which is an acoustic show held every Friday night intimate acoustic sessions with a selected crowd.

The Shop recently opened a branch in Abidjan and is working to open another in Lagos soon.

The brand started as just a shop and has developed into a creativist space and bar with endless possibilities.


Eyetsa Lorraine Ocloo is a veteran of creating and the founder of The Shop Accra, an Upcycle Design, Art Shop and Bar in the heart of Osu, Accra. She is also the CEO and Creative Director of Eyetsa Creations LTD, a design firm which specializes in all kinds of afro-modern design creations from interior setups, renovations and
upcycle architectural designs.

Eyetsa is an experienced Executive Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Research, African History and International Relations, Governance and Knowledge Management.

Having moved to Ghana some 7 years ago after extensive education obtained in the Germany, UK and USA, she worked in politics and held some valuable positions at the Constitution Review Commission, the Institute of Economic Affair and the Office of the President.

Eyetsa started The Shop Accra which stands for Creativity, Art and Diversity to create a hub for creators to meet and interact, and continues to strive on craftsmanship, creativity, hard work and dedication which are her core values. She is a driven person who never loses sight of the prospect for Africa as a whole. Her passion and drive continues to shine through her work and dedication to turn creativity into a lucrative industry in Ghana.

Her selflessness and dedication to the growing creative industry in Ghana makes her one of the young ‘CREATIVISTS’ to watch out for. Her philosophy for The Shop Accra, having always been “Go to the ant, consider her ways, Be wise”; Eyetsa has been featured in Essence Magazine & has had an article(Yale Globalist) written by Yale students on her contribution to the arts in Ghana. She is a force to reckon with and deserves recognition for her hard work & contribution to the Arts.